Welcome to the thriving community of Delaware County (lovingly referred to as “Delco” by its residents), where Woodward Properties takes pride in offering over a dozen exceptional residential options, including Bishop Hill Apartments.

Our commitment to providing quality living experiences goes hand in hand with the convenience of being in close proximity to some of the region’s finest healthcare institutions.

Below, we explore the advantages of residing near the best Delaware County hospitals, including Riddle Hospital, Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital and Bryn Mawr Hospital. Plus, many of our apartment communities are within a short drive to Lankenau Medical Center in nearby Montgomery County, PA.

Riddle Hospital: A Pillar of Medical Excellence

Located in Media, PA, the county seat of Delaware County, Riddle Hospital stands as a superb example of medical excellence in our community.

Woodward Properties’ residences near Riddle Hospital offer unparalleled convenience for hospital patients and visitors alike. The strategic location ensures swift access to healthcare services, reducing commute times for those who prioritize proximity to medical facilities.

Riddle Hospital boasts state-of-the-art medical facilities, equipped with cutting-edge technology and a team of dedicated healthcare professionals. Living near Riddle Hospital means having peace of mind, knowing that world-class medical care is just a stone’s throw away.

Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital: Elevating Healthcare in Darby, PA

Woodward Properties extends its commitment to exceptional living by offering residences near Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital in Darby, PA.

This renowned teaching hospital, part of the Trinity Health network, provides comprehensive care, ensuring our residents have access to a broad spectrum of medical services.

Living near Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital means quick access to emergency care and specialized medical services. Woodward Properties understands the importance of proximity, especially in healthcare emergencies, and our strategically located properties reflect this commitment.

Additionally, since Mercy Fitzgerald is a teaching hospital, staff and medical students will benefit from our Delco apartment communities’ close proximity to their workplace and school.

For medical students pursuing healthcare-related fields, living near Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital also opens up valuable academic opportunities. Woodward Properties’ commitment to supporting the educational endeavors of our residents is evident in the thoughtfully designed living spaces that foster a conducive environment for studying.

Bryn Mawr Hospital: A Community-Centric Approach to Healthcare

Many of our Delco apartment communities are within close proximity to Bryn Mawr Hospital.

Located on the Main Line of suburban Philadelphia (and part of the Main Line Health, a not-for-profit health system serving our area), this esteemed facility takes a community-centric approach to its healthcare services that aligns seamlessly with our philosophy of creating living spaces that contribute to the overall health and happiness of our residents.

In addition to top-notch healthcare, Bryn Mawr Hospital offers access to an array of popular amenities for patients and visitors, including lounges on every floor, meditation rooms, a cafeteria, and more.

Lankenau Medical Center: Where Innovation Meets Compassion

For those seeking cutting-edge medical services, living near Lankenau Medical Center in nearby Wynnewood, PA, ensures access to innovative treatments and compassionate care.

One of the Philadelphia area’s most a renowned teaching and research hospitals, Lankenau Medical Center specializes in a variety of specialized services, including minimally invasive surgery, advanced gastrointestinal programs, colorectal care, pulmonology, maternity, high-risk obstetrics, orthopedics, spine care, emergency services, trauma care, and transplant procedures.

Popular Apartment Communities Near Quality Healthcare Facilities

Living near Delaware County’s best hospitals is a testament to our dedication to offering unparalleled living experiences for our apartment community residents. Our strategically located properties near Riddle Hospital, Lankenau Medical Center, Bryn Mawr Hospital, and Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital cater to the diverse needs of our residents.

Contact us to experience the synergy of quality housing and proximity to top-notch healthcare institutions – a combination that truly sets our Delaware County apartment community apart!